Village of McFarland Public Safety Center

The new shared facility for Police, Fire + Rescue, and EMS is on pace to be verified as the first net zero public safety center in the Wisconsin.

Need: Have all Village departments in one facility

Solution: Design a new building that supports Police, Fire & Rescue, and EMS departments

Result: A sustainable, shared facility serving the community of McFarland


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Lobby area featuring clerestory windows, police and municipal court entrances and branding graphics on the wall

Fact Sheet

share project


McFarland, WI


59,100 sq ft

Construction Cost


Client Type


Shared Facility

The facility will produce as much energy on site as it consumes through the use of 51 geothermal wells and solar panels that are capable of producing 420kW of photovoltaic energy (to be verified one year after being occupied). Additionally, the landscaping utilizes native plants and bioretention areas to reduce water use and maintenance requirements.

The new building holds the Village of McFarland’s Police, Fire + Rescue, and EMS departments. The fire + rescue and EMS wing includes six apparatus bays and one antique firetruck bay. The police wing includes office space, a break room, and serves as an emergency operations center. The building also has three kitchens, a full-service residential kitchen, and living quarters.

In addition, the parking area is be equipped with electric vehicle charging stations.

Apparatus Bay with all FD vehicles and doors closed
Fire department kitchen
Exterior of building with fire trucks pulled out of bay doors
Apparatus Bay featuring the FD vehicles, clerestory windows, and doors closed
Police squad room with desks, clerestory windows, and TV's
PD conference room with frosted glass for privacy
Court room with concession stand window to kitchen and floor to ceiling windows with doors
Antique bay with fire truck and memorable dates of the FD
Lobby with main entrance doors, entrances to the FD and Municipal court

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