Delafield Public Safety Building

Years of programming, planning, and design work led to a shared public safety building for Delafield's city police and regional fire and EMS departments.

Need: Combine public safety services to one building

Solution: Design a new facility that accommodates all departments

Result: New public safety building with 21st-Century features


  • The Daily Reporter/Wisconsin Builder Top Project
Lockers with firefighting equipment jut out of an alcove in the Delafield Public Safety Building

Fact Sheet

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Delafield, WI


29,600 sq ft

Construction Cost

$9,100,000 (includes public works, city hall, and library projects)

Client Type

Station Design

The police side of the building is one-story and includes a garage with fencing for vehicle storage and evidence processing, a sally port, an evidence processing and storage area, a squad room, an intake space with soft and hard interview rooms, locker rooms, and administrative space for investigators, clerical, and police officials.

The fire and EMS side of the building is two-story and includes four, drive-through apparatus bays, a hose and training tower, administrative space, eight bunks, a dayroom, and a kitchen.

Shared functions of the Delafield Public Safety Building include the lobby, a 50-person training room, a 10-person conference room, and a fitness center.

Upward view of the corner of the public safety building, with a Delafield police car peeking out of a bay
A room filled with weights and exercise equipment is lined with windows and a TV in the Delafield Public Safety Building
Interior view of fire response vehicles facing away toward open bays in the Delafield Public Safety Building
Wide exterior perspective of a modern public safety building and surrounding landscaping in Delafield

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