Silvis Police Station

We worked with the City of Silvis to design a building that's open, inviting, and easily identifiable, creating a new image for their city and police station.

Need: New location for the police department to increase community engagement and improve response time

Solution: Design a new building with ample room for department growth and greater security measures

Result: A centrally located safe and secure facility, creating a new image for the City of Silvis

View toward the front of a large presentation wall backing up a windowed conference room

Fact Sheet

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Project Details


Silvis, IL


8,900 sq ft

Construction Cost


Client Type

Newly Constructed Station

After a site acquisition study, logistics planning, and a site schematic design study, the city selected a site for the new Silvis Police Station that would allow for future area development, department growth, greater safety and security measures, and be centrally located.

The building was designed with three zones of security, consisting of public (non-secure), semi-secure, and private (high-secure). The main entrance and community room have a large, connected exterior courtyard. The building houses area 911 dispatch service, with sufficient space for long-term expansion of the integrated countywide emergency dispatch service.

Front exterior view of a modern police station building
A tree grows in the middle of a courtyard area that flanks the entrance of a modern police station building
View toward the rear of a large, windowed conference room

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