Muskego High School

Following a successful referendum, our team is designing state-of-the-art tech ed and STEAM spaces and a weights + fitness center including an indoor practice facility.

Need: Increase capacity for STEAM areas and expand athletic areas for physical education courses, practices, and community use

Solution: Create an addition to house tech ed and STEAM programs and another addition of an indoor practice facility and weights + fitness center

Rendering of the STEM collaboration area with clerestory windows

Fact Sheet

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Muskego, WI


95,900 sq ft (addition); HS 87,300 sq ft (renovation)

Construction Cost

$36,900,000 (budget)

Client Type

State-of-the Art Spaces

STEM + Fitness

The district and our team are working together to find lasting solutions for their needs. With a need to provide more space and visibility for tech ed and STEAM programs, we are creating an addition that will include state-of-the-art shops and labs. With limited space in the current athletic areas, we’re designing a new weights + fitness center for physical education, practices, and community use as well as an indoor practice facility.

Renovations include expanding and updating the 1960’s gymnasium, dance, and wrestling spaces as well as turning the existing locker rooms into art classrooms.

The referendum also supported updates at Lakeview Elementary to build a new single-court gymnasium to provide a dedicated cafeteria and renovate existing space to create a corridor to the new gym.

Rendering of the fitness center with garage doors into the practice facility
Rendering of the exterior STEM addition with HVAC ducts in brand colors
Rendering of the exterior of the fitness center with people walking on the sidewalks
Rendering of the fitness center entrance
Rendering of the renovated gym that features school colors and bleacher seating
Rendering of the indoor practice facility with athletes running around and playing sports
Rendering of the exterior practice facility and fitness center showcasing the branding on the side of the practice facility
Exterior rendering of the practice facility with branding on the side

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