Mount Horeb Area Public Safety Building

In 2016, the Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department and Police Department partnered with Bray Architects to bring their years of facility study and evaluation to fruition. With Bray’s assistance, a $15,000,000 referendum question was passed to fund the construction of a new Mount Horeb Area Public Safety Building.

Upon completion, the new building will house both the fire and police departments. The facility will feature shared spaces, including meeting/conference spaces, break rooms, restrooms, training/exercise areas, and the public lobby, to save construction and ongoing operating costs for all entities. Shared building systems, such as plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, emergency generators, and electrical, will create addition cost savings and efficiencies. Construction has been organized into two phases with groundbreaking anticipated in October 2017 and completion scheduled for November 2018.

Location: Mount Horeb, WI     Size: 49,035sf

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