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Six Successful 2017 Spring Referendums!

April 6, 2017
School District Logos of schools with successful referenda in 2017

Congratulations to the school districts and communities of Mount Horeb, North Fond du Lac, Denmark, Eleva-Strum, Little Chute, and Mayville on their 2017 spring referendums! All passed successful referendums on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

Bray collaborated with each district to create effective communication strategies and offer design solutions to meet their unique needs. Each successful referendum is truly a testament to all of the hard work and dedication that these districts put into their campaigns, and we could not be more proud of them. We look forward to continuing our partnerships with these communities through the completion of the referendum projects!

Mount Horeb Area School District
Q1 $38.5 million  Yes 63.5%   No 36.5%
Focuses on district-wide safety/security, infrastructure/building system, and learning environment upgrades. The project features new Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) classrooms, academic classrooms, agriculture labs, and greenhouse at the high school.

School District of North Fond du Lac
Q1 $27 million   Yes 67.75%   No 32.25%
Addresses improvements to the Early Learning and Friendship Learning Centers.
Q1 $2.5 million   Yes 71.1%   No 28.9%
Addresses improvements to the middle and high schools.
With the success of both questions, ­­the District will be able to realize their vision of offering safe, energy-efficient physical environments that  foster the development of students into college, career, and life-ready citizens.

Denmark School District
Q1 $14.9 million   Yes 66.74%   No 33.26%
Addresses improvements at the high school including construction of a new agriculture lab to support hands-on learning  in animal research and agricultural mechanics, and addition of a new multi-purpose room, fitness center and gymnasium.
Q2 $2,775,000   Yes 68.6%   No 31.40%
Provides the District with additional operational budget to maintain current programs and services.

School District of Eleva-Strum
Q1 $2.1 million   Yes 64.09%  No 35.91%
Provides the District with additional operational budget to maintain current programs and services.
Q2 $12 million   Yes 55.66%   No 43.45%
Consolidates all students (PreK-12) to their Central Middle/High School campus– improving staff, program, and building efficiencies. To accommodate the full student and staff population, the existing Central Middle/High School building will receive a new PreK-5th grade wing.

Little Chute Area School District  
Q1 $1,375,000   Yes 66.49%   No 33.51%
Provides the District with additional operational budget to upgrade technology hardware, software, and infrastructure.
Q2 $17,700,000   Yes 56.55%   No 43.46%
A school building and improvement program at the Intermediate/Middle/High School campus. This program includes building security improvements, roof, HVAC and electrical upgrades, parking lot improvements, and renovation of the fitness center, kitchen, common areas, and classrooms.

Mayville School District
Q1 $24.5 million   Yes 50.27%   No 49.73%
Addresses district-wide infrastructure, safety/security, and innovative learning environment needs. The project features new Technical Education (shop) spaces, an agriculture lab, and an innovation center for STEAM instruction.

Congratulations to all of the passed 2017 spring referendums!

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