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Women in Construction Week shining light on the women at bray

March 4, 2024

In celebration of Women in Construction Week, we’re shining a spotlight on the incredible women here at Bray. Across our four offices, 28 women contribute to our administrative, architecture, interior design, and marketing departments. Their exceptional talent, passion, and expertise not only propel our firm forward but also foster an inclusive and collaborative environment in our workspace.

Join us this week as we honor and applaud the invaluable contributions of the remarkable women at Bray!


We sat down with a few women from across our team to learn about their careers in the AEC industry — accomplishments, challenges, and most of all, what they love about their job. Check out what they had to say below. To learn about all of our team members, we invite you to visit our People page.

Bray Architects-Maren Burg-Headshot

What led you to start a career in the AEC industry?

A career in the AEC industry is embedded in my DNA as I’ve had many family members work in this industry, and even though I thought I wanted to be a teacher growing up, I developed a fascination for construction, understanding blueprints, and designing houses as early as elementary school. After taking AEC-related classes in high school, I knew that I had found my passion. I love that architecture combines art, science, design, and culture to transform ideas into tangible solutions in the form of buildings. I enjoy using my skills to create environments and experiences that positively impact people’s lives.

Maren Burg, AIA, NCARB, WELL AP | Architect

How do you feel empowered in your career?

It’s always rewarding as a woman to continue to strive in a profession where women are a minority. I know that my accomplishments will only help to diversify and enhance the entire profession. I hope my efforts will open more doors for younger women who never saw themselves becoming an architect or only saw it as a male profession. 

Alejandra Hughes | Project Specialist
Bray Architects-Alejandra Hughes-Headshot
Bray Architects-Mindy Piercy-Headshot

What makes you proud of the work you do?

My work visually tells the story of the client or our brand. I’m proud to produce pieces that accomplish this goal. It starts with an idea or narrative, and I get to bring that to life. Each marketing piece is an opportunity to contribute to the larger story of the built environment, which is both exciting and inspiring.

Mindy Piercy | Senior Marketing Designer

What has been the most memorable moment in your career?

Interior Design is my second career; I spent the first 15 years of my post-college career as an apparel designer. I have been an interior designer for ten years, and the first time I won an award for an interior design project was very memorable. I find designing functional, healthy, and beautiful spaces rewarding and intriguing.

Jennifer Doering, Allied ASID | Interior Designer
Bray Architects-Jen Doering-Headshot
Bray Architects-Leanne Rutowski-Headshot

What advice would you give other women thinking about a career in construction?

Whether you work for one of the trades, contractors, architectural or engineering firms, take advantage of any opportunities for continued education or job cross-training. It will make you better at your job, eligible for additional opportunities, and more valuable to the company.

Leanne Rutowski | Construction Administration Coordinator

About WIC Week | March 3-9, 2024

WIC Week™, or Women in Construction Week™, celebrates and promotes the role of women in the construction industry. NAWIC held the first WIC Week in 1998 and it has grown and expanded each year since. Many of our local chapters hold WIC Week events, which can include making presentations to high school classes, job site tours, luncheons and virtual events.

This year’s theme, ‘Keys to the Future’, celebrates the strength and knowledge of women and the vital role they play in shaping the future of the construction industry.

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)

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