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Nine Successful Spring 2018 Referendums

April 4, 2018
Successful Spring 2018 Referendums

Congratulations to the school districts of Brillion, Coleman, Fall Creek, Fall River, Horicon, Northern Ozaukee, Valders Area, Wheatland J1, and Whitnall for passing their Spring 2018 referendums! All successfully passed referendums on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

We are proud to have worked alongside our clients to create effective communication strategies that addressed the specific needs of each district. These successful referendums are a testament to the hard work and dedication that each district put into their facility planning and campaigns.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with these communities throughout the completion of the referendum projects!
Brillion Public Schools
Q1: $5,600,000
Improvements and renovations to the elementary/middle school building including heating system upgrades, air conditioning for all classrooms, renovations to the middle school locker room and former cafeteria area, roof repairs, and flooring upgrades.

Coleman School District
Q1: $10,850,000
Facility improvements and upgrades including building infrastructure, life safety and energy efficiency upgrades, secure entrances, classroom, kitchen and cafeteria upgrades, and an addition to the high school cafeteria.
Q2: $2,980,000
Technical education and STEM facility upgrades including art, math, computer-aided design, and other core classrooms.

School District of Fall Creek
Q1: $12,400,000
Additions and renovations to the high school including building infrastructure improvements, safety and security upgrades (including the addition of a secure entrance), classroom and music room modernization, renovation and expansion of the commons area, and construction of a school/community weight and fitness center.

Fall River School District
Q1: $7,800,000
District-wide updates including capital maintenance and building improvements, learning space updates, communication and technology system upgrades, safety and security improvements, and athletic facility, field and site improvements.

Horicon School District
Q1: $22,900,000
Creation of a consolidated campus by constructing a new elementary school addition and site improvements at the junior/senior high school, as well as an addition for a high school cafeteria and safety/security upgrades (including a secure entry).
Q2: $3,600,000
Capital maintenance and building infrastructure improvements at the junior/senior high school.

Northern Ozaukee School District
Q1: $14,950,000
Additions and renovations including classroom and technical education area updates, classroom technology improvements, facility and grounds updates (maintenance, infrastructure, safety/security and athletic fields), creation of new cafeteria space, and conversion of current cafeteria into an auditorium.

Valders Area School District
Q1: $6,375,000
Remodeling and repairs at the middle/high school including plumbing system repairs, upgrades and replacement of heating and ventilation components, adding air conditioning to remaining portions of the building, and replacing roof sections. Elementary school improvements include replacing computer lab, classroom and gym heating and ventilation systems.
Q2: $55,000 (non-recurring, 2018/19-2022/23)
Technology equipment and infrastructure upgrades including replacing aging computers, updating wireless access and technology infrastructure, and upgrading software and security.

Wheatland J1 School District
Q1: $625,000 (non-recurring, 2018/19-2021/22)
Continuation of a past operating referendum to fund educational programming and building maintenance.
Q2: $8,450,000
Improvements to the existing K-8 school building including: renovating the library into a flexible multi-media instructional space; creating a secure entrance; renovating Early Childhood, 4-year-old Kindergarten, and art classrooms; creating a science lab and shared space for hands-on learning; renovation of former middle school cafeteria to become STEM classroom and Community Maker Space; and creating a functional hallway and storage space. Two classrooms will also be added to accommodate the science conversion.

Whitnall School District
Q1: $16,160,000
Addition and renovation projects including: district-wide infrastructure and building system improvements; updates for ADA compliance at Edgerton Elementary; classroom and secure main entrance additions, site improvements, and related demolition of portions of the building at Hales Corners Elementary; science lab renovations and ADA updates at the middle school; and technical education, art and business education renovations, ADA updates, and pool improvements at the high school.

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