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Employee Spotlight Kevin Raymer

January 7, 2022
Kevin Raymer employee spotlight

Kevin Raymer is the interior design coordinator at Bray. In this role, he assists the interior design team with their day-to-day operations and helps them establish procedures to improve their workflows and productivity.

When Kevin began college at UW-Madison, he initially studied psychology because he was interested in the how the human mind operates. He also worked in construction during this time, where he gained an appreciation and curiosity for the built environment. Those two interests merged and led him into the interior architecture program at the University.

After graduation, he joined the UW’s Facility and Design Team, working on educational environments. In 2020, he joined Bray’s interiors team where he continues to work primarily on educational projects.

Kevin stays inspired by continuously learning new and improved construction processes. “We’re building better today than we have in the past,” he says. “We can build faster and more sustainably. The continued growth in the sustainability sector is especially inspiring to me considering how resource-intensive the industry can be.”

For example, site and concrete forming can release a lot of carbon dioxide into the environment, so Kevin enjoys learning about ways to capture those emissions.

Due to the nature of interior design, each project that Kevin works on is highly customized. “Truly, no two days are the same for me,” he says. “I also love that I can build upon past experiences to continuously improve how I work.”

Outside of the office, Kevin stays busy caring for his highly demanding, 115-pound schnauzer-shepherd mix named Braun. Whether it’s jogging (yes, even in the winter!) or playing with him, Braun keeps Kevin active every day.

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