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Bray Spotlight Jen Doering

April 1, 2024
Jen Doering 5 year work anniversary at Bray.

At Bray, we’re thrilled to commemorate significant milestones like Jen‘s impressive 5-year work anniversary with us! Jen has been instrumental in transforming educational spaces into functional, inclusive, and vibrant learning environments for students with her creative talent and eye for interior design.

We took a break to ask Jen some questions about her past five years with us.

Over the course of 5 years at Bray, what have you learned?

Before coming to Bray, I had never designed a school. It is an entirely niche project type, with so many nuances to adapt and act on. My design aesthetic and technical knowledge has grown by leaps and bounds and continues to evolve. And the field of education design provides many opportunities to grow and advance design. I have learned and continue to learn every day and am grateful to be a part of creating student and educator spaces.

What do you like most about Bray?

Designing schools is a great fit for someone like me, who likes to use both the left and right sides of their brain each day. I also love the teams I am on (both project-wise and our interior design team), which help inspire, grow, and challenge me. Lastly, my design manager, Stephanie Vierling, is someone I can always approach and has a leadership style that continuously elevates our projects and team collaborations.

How would you describe your team?

I am lucky to work on a project team with members who have vast experience, endless creativity, and a fantastic sense of humor! I am also part of an Interiors team that collaborates, supports, and champions each other every day.

Favorite project you’ve worked on so far, and why?

It’s very hard to pick, but any project that includes environmental graphic design or branding, as designed by our phenomenal graphic designer Kyle Hoard, really adds to our interior design. Sun Prairie West High School, was a great project that shows the power of interior design + graphic design in creating an immersive learning environment.

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