Wausau East + West High Schools

Spaces designed with a STEM and tech ed focus enhance the district's already successful STEM curriculum for students at both high schools.

Need: Enhance STEM spaces at both high schools

Solution: Complete renovations and additions to expand and update STEM areas

Result: State-of-the-art STEM sections at both schools that support hands-on learning

Students and teachers work in a large, active auto shop adjacent to a classroom space at Wausau East High School

Fact Sheet

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Wausau, WI


17,300 sq ft (renovation); 9,400 sq ft (addition)

Construction Cost


Client Type

STEM Focused Improvements

As part of a larger district-wide project, both Wausau East and West High Schools received significant upgrades including a technical education and metal shop wing.

The addition to East High included an expansion to the automotive department and enhanced classroom space. The project also renovated the metal and wood shop as well as the graphic design area.

At West High, the agriculture department was relocated into renovated classroom space with direct access to the addition and new greenhouse. A new broadcast television department and computer lab were also relocated to renovated spaces, creating ideal learning spaces for the students.

Students working at specialized equipment fill a large metal shop space at Wausau West High School
Students work behind and in front of cameras at a broadcast studio with a large green screen, located at Wausau East High School
Students screenprint T-shirts in the foreground of an expansive tech and graphics space at Wausau East High School
Students work at tables and equipment for woodworking inside a large, industrial woods shop at Wausau West High School

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