St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church

The revitalization of this early 20th century building addresses the congregation’s contemporary needs while respecting its original neo-gothic design.

Need: Address accessibility challenges, worn furnishings, and aging audio-visual and mechanical systems

Solution: Reinvigorate the facility to meet the contemporary needs of a worship space

Result: A bright and beautiful worship space that improves the accessibility and longevity of the building while continuing to honor its historic architecture

Wide view of church interior from above in the rear loft

Fact Sheet

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Project Details


Davenport, IA


10,300 sq ft

Construction Cost


Client Type

Design features and improvements

Trefoil detail on wooden pew
View of pews and surrounding area on left side of nave
Full view of church interior from rear pews
View of nave from the chancel
Piano in the foreground of a wide view of the church interior

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