Sacred Heart Catholic Church

We partnered with this historic Catholic church on an addition to expand its accessibility and renovations to restore its original beauty.

Need: Updates to better serve its parishioners

Solution: Renovate and expand the historic house of worship while restoring it’s natural beauty

Result: A historically beautiful church with additional spaces for places of worship

View of the towering front of a historic church

Fact Sheet

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Project Details


Peoria, IL


16,000 sq ft (renovation); 1,800 sq ft (addition)

Construction Cost


Client Type

Historically Rich with Beauty

With much of the church’s original ecclesiastical images and design removed in the early 1960s, the church also sought to restore its former history and beauty. The design team worked closely with the church to renovate and redecorate the nave and narthex to bring back its rich detailing.

The church was also renovated and expanded to provide handicap accessibility, restrooms, devotional spaces, a reconciliation room, and a new entry with circulation space.

A new addition to a historic church complements the original building
A new addition to a historic church complements the original building
Light pours in from windows above a detailed and restored sanctuary
A historic church with a new addition nestles in an urban setting

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