Muskego Lakes Middle School

In April 2016, the Muskego-Norway School District passed a $43.18 million referendum which included the design and construction of a new middle school, along with district-wide improvements.

The new Muskego Lakes Middle School features a two-story academic wing which was configured to organize four grade levels into “neighborhoods”. Each “neighborhood” has five classrooms situated around a resource area; three of the five classrooms have wide, sliding glass doors that effectively break down the wall between classroom and resource. The academic wing also provides generous science labs to accommodate labs and lectures within the same space. Locker alcoves break up the corridors.

Central to the academic wing, a two-story library volume with a soaring curtain wall was added. The library opens up onto a corridor that will connect connects to a Large Group Instruction (LGI) space, tucked under the two main stairs. This LGI integrates tiered-seating with the main circulation steps, as well as provide an environment for large (or small) groups to gather with access to projection and power. Small group instruction rooms anchor each side of the library and overlook the two-story space. The cafeteria allows natural light in from two sides, opening onto one of two courtyards. This cafeteria courtyard features an amphitheater built into the topography, leaving space for one to pass under the “bridge” connecting the cafeteria to the academic wing. In addition, a central node connects to each wing of the building with warm, wood-tone ceilings and a clerestory.

Location: Muskego, WI     Size: 136,836 square feet

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