Ixonia Elementary School

In partnership with the district, we're designing an addition to the K-5 school to better serve current and future students.

Need: More space to accommodate the district’s increase in student enrollment

Solution: An addition to the current school that allows the district to continue growing for years to come


Hallway with wood backpack stalls and fun colors on the wall

Fact Sheet

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Oconomowoc, WI


13,000 sq ft

Construction Cost

$5,400,000 (budget)

Client Type

Additional learning spaces

Following a successful referendum, Ixonia Elementary is receiving an addition to accommodate the growing student population. The 13,000 square feet addition will enhance learning experiences and foster well-being while encouraging collaboration and connectivity.

In the heart of the addition, a double-height commons area with clerestory windows letting an abundance of natural light in will be located to serve as a community space where group activities and presentations can take place. Around the commons area flexible team-teaching classrooms that redefine the traditional classroom model will be placed. Sliding glass doors will connect adjacent rooms, allowing seamless collaboration with transparency that promotes visual connectivity along with adaptable furniture that facilitates quick reconfiguration. The classrooms adapt to varying teaching methodologies and student needs.

Our interior design team is hard at work weaving biophilic design into every corner of the addition. Plant-themed motifs will enhance walls, murals, and corridors in addition to the green imagery that will create a soothing atmosphere, promoting well-being and reducing stress.

Collaboration space with fun colors and wood accents
Exterior of the addition with students playing outside
Commons area with clerestory windows and fun colors

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