Eleva-Strum Elementary School

With Bray support, the School District of Eleva-Strum successfully passed two referendum questions in April 2017. The $12,000,000 question allocated funds to create a consolidated K-12 campus, while the $2,100,000 operating question allows the district to continue educational programming and building maintenance.

The K-12 unified campus is achieved with the construction of a new 48,000 square foot elementary school addition to the existing, centrally-located middle/high school building. This addition serves 4K-5th grade students, replacing two existing elementary schools located at other district sites.

The new elementary wing features shared collaboration spaces, facilitating a variety of exploration and hands-on learning opportunities from small group break-out sessions to multi-class, large group activities. Glass windows and doors will create a visual and physical connection between these collaboration spaces and the adjacent classrooms.

Location: Strum, WI     Size of Addition: 48,000 square feet     Sizes of Renovation: 1,000 square feet     Cost: $10,900,000

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