Eleva-Strum Elementary School

We partnered with the School District of Eleva-Strum to create a new elementary addition, allowing them to operate one building instead of three.

With our support, the district successfully passed two referendum questions, including funds for a consolidated K-12 building.

We created a K-12 unified campus by designing a new elementary school addition for the existing middle + high school building. This addition replaced two elementary schools located at other district sites.

The new Eleva-Strum Elementary School wing features shared collaboration spaces for exploration and hands-on learning opportunities. This includes space for small group breakout sessions to large, multi-class activities. Glass windows and doors create visual and physical connection between these collaboration spaces and the adjacent classrooms.

Exterior view of the new elementary addition for the School District of Eleva-Strum, which connects to the existing middle and high school

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Strum, WI


48,200 sq ft (addition); 500 sq ft (renovation)

Construction Cost


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Students play in a bright gym space accented with red at Eleva-Strum Elementary School
An open collaboration space with flexible furniture is outside of multiple classrooms at Eleva-Strum Elementary School
A large elementary classroom contains flexible furniture for adaptable learning in the elementary wing of the Eleva-Strum School District
View of a collaboration space accented with bright colors that is lined with low shelves and a sink area at Eleva-Strum Elementary School

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