Dodgeland School District

With a successful referendum, we've partnered with the Dodgeland School District to improve their 4K-12 building, including a new STEAM addition.

Need: Update educational spaces, safety/security, and infrastructure needs

Solution: Create a STEAM addition, update collaboration areas and classrooms, and relocate 4K and art classrooms in the elementary wing

Result: A modernized 4K-12 facility that meets the needs of the district’s curriculum

Renderings of a new district office entry at the Dodgeland School District

Fact Sheet

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Juneau, WI


59,100 sq ft (renovation); 6,400 sq ft (addition)

Construction Cost

$14,400,000 (in progress)

Client Type

Project Details

The STEAM addition will feature shop spaces and will be supported by flexible collaboration and classroom spaces in adjacent renovation.

Additional improvements at Dodgeland School District include an office reconfiguration to accommodate secure entry sequences, updates to the library and cafeteria/commons, relocation of 4K and art classrooms in the elementary wing, and the creation of middle school collaboration and break-out spaces.

The high school wing will receive skylights, providing natural light to both corridors and classrooms.

Rendering of a curved, high-ceilinged cafeteria and commons space for the Dodgeland School District
Rendering of the exterior of a planned STEAM addition for Dodgeland School District
Rendering of an open gathering area for elementary students in the Dodgeland School District
Rendering of a collaboration space adjacent to classrooms for middle school students in the Dodgeland School District

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