Wheatland Center School

Bray Architects assisted the Wheatland J1 School District to successfully pass their referendum in April 2018. The facilities referendum included renovations and a two-classroom addition for Wheatland Center School, which serves over 500 students in kindergarten through 8th grade.

Renovations to the Wheatland Center School feature safety and security upgrades, including installation of security cameras, expanding and improving the front offices and redesigning the parking lot to separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The library underwent significant renovations to become a more dynamic space with opportunities for collaboration, small group instruction and access to technology. STEM spaces were another focus of the updates throughout the school. A new computer lab, tech ed space and renovated science labs allow students to gain hands-on, application-based learning experiences and prepare for future careers.

The addition and renovation at Wheatland Center School not only update the older areas of the building in terms of building systems and today’s ADA compliance, but also provide students with spaces that meet the demands of today’s curriculum. Construction began in October 2018.

Location: Burlington, WI

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