Westby Area Middle + High School

The additions and renovations addressed the facility and educational needs to support academic programming and security.

Need: Address safety and security enhancements and improvements to learning spaces at the shared middle/high school

Solution: Add a secure entry and main office and update career and technical spaces to meet the districts’ curriculum needs

Result: A new high school entrance and main office as well as state-of-the art career, tech ed, and family and consumer education spaces

Fact Sheet

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Westby, WI


18,400 sq ft (renovation); 4,200 sq ft (addition)

Construction Cost


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Additions + Renovations

Upgrades at the high school include:

Coon Valley Elementary School main entrance

District-Wide Improvements

In addition to the high school additions and renovations, the remaining district facilities also received upgrades. A new secure entry and main office addition took place at Coon Valley Elementary School along with secure entry enhancements at Westby Elementary School and the shared facility at the high school/middle school.

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