Schulte 4K-8 School

The new school will lead students on a journey that will inspire the idea of exploration, travel, and adventure.

Need: Additional space for new support programs and more grade levels

Solution: Design a new school that will provide the district with a modernized building with space for new programs and accommodate additional grade levels

Schulte 4K-8 School view of the entire school with students walking on the sidewalk

Fact Sheet

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Sturtevant, WI


166,200 sq ft

Construction Cost

$54,200,000 (budget)

Client Type

A Journey Through 4K-8

We teamed with Racine Unified School District to design a new 4K-8 school that will replace the current Schulte Elementary School on the same site.

Changing the school from elementary to 4K-8 will offer students a journey through their educational years as they make their way around different areas of the school. Architectural landmarks and color-coded wayfinding elements will help guide students, starting their journey on the lower level of the west wing (4K) and graduate from the upper level of the east wing (grade 8).

Improvements to the building from the previous facility include a larger gymnasium, a makerspace connected to the library, CTE labs, and dedicated art and music classrooms. In addition, sustainable elements will be incorporated into the design of school including solar-ready roofs, ample amount of access to natural daylight, native plant landscaping, and on-site water retention strategies.

Schulte 4K-8 school library with clerestory windows
Rendering of the collaboration area at Schulte 4K-8 School

Adventure, Exploration, and Travel

As students take their journey through the school, views to the nearby parks, trails, rivers, and railroads are seen in the social and collaborative areas. Scandinavian art and architecture influences, natural-looking materials, and bright colors are all vivid throughout the facility, evoking the school’s Viking identity.

Schulte 4K-8 School collaboration area with flexible furniture and natural light
Schulte 4K-8 school band room with wood, neutral tones and the school-branded blue color
Schulte 4K-8 School main entrance with students walking into school
Schulte 4K-8 school gymnasium with students running around

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