Oregon Middle School

Oregon Middle School recently experienced a phased construction with the objective of creating a safer and more enriching environment for student learning and growth.

An office addition equips the school with a secure entrance, waiting area, reception desk, and health room. It also houses the new offices of the principal and assistant principal. Phase two of the project includes another addition that includes a greenhouse and upgrades to classrooms, labs and support space for STEAM, and music education. Renovations expand the cafeteria and fitness/physical education spaces, as well as remodel the library, collaborative learning spaces, and student restrooms.

The Bray team designed the new additions to Oregon Middle School to cohesively blend with the existing building. Utilizing identical exterior brick, window sizes, and accent colors seamlessly combine the new and current spaces while highlighting the best features of the original construction.

The project was recently completed in September 2017.

Awards: The Daily Reporter – Top Project, 2017

Location: Oregon, WI     Size of Addition: 19,470 square feet     Size of Renovation: 15,540 square feet     Cost: $6,520,000

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