Mill Valley Elementary School

As part of an overall master plan for the Muskego-Norwary School District, Mill Valley Elementary School received an addition and renovation to expand their facilities in order to accommodate a rapidly growing student and staff population. This project includes closing two other aging elementary schools within the District.

Much of the existing Mill Valley Elementary School building remains and received significant upgrades. The oldest two-story portion was demolished in order to create space for the addition. A one-story addition wraps around existing east, south, and west sides of the building to give the school a new, contemporary appearance. A new library and administration office provide an anchor for the main entry which creates an enhanced presence of the school from the street.

The addition also includes kindergarten, art, and music classrooms as well as special education classrooms and classrooms with shared resource space ideal for collaboration and small group instruction. Finally, a new gymnasium space was added to allow for the existing shared cafeteria and gym space to transition into dedicated cafeteria which includes a new kitchen.

The district-wide master plan also included the construction of the new Muskego Lakes Middle School.

Location: Muskego, WI      Size of Addition: 44,483 square feet      Size of Renovation: 27,317 square feet

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