JC McKenna Middle School

We teamed with the school district and the community to build a substantial addition to an honored historic building.

Need: More learning spaces and updated facilities to better serve the school district and community

Solution: Retain and renovate a part of the historic building and expand the school on the same site

Result: A like-new middle school with a neighborhood design concept to respect its residential surroundings

JC McKenna Middle School front of building - main entrance with flag pole

Fact Sheet

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Evansville, WI


100,900 sq ft (addition); 10,700 sq ft (renovation)

Construction Cost


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Creating a Sense of Place

We worked closely with the Evansville Community School District’s staff and administration to develop a community-oriented theme for the building that includes:

JC McKenna Middle School Resource Area looking southeast with students walking and some sitting on the chairs
JC McKenna Middle School Learning Stairs with students sitting on the stairs reading and others walking down the stairs

Interior Design

The variety of housing shapes on a map of the city inspired patterns for wall decals, ceiling tiles, and placement of overhead lights.

JC McKenna Middle School STEAM Room with windows into the computer lab room and students working on a project

Engaging the Community

We helped the Evansville Community School District facilitate a citizens advisory committee that led to a successful referendum for work at JC McKenna Middle School as well as Theodore Robinson Intermediate School, Levi Leonard Elementary School, and Evansville High School.

JC McKenna Middle School Science Room with a teacher speaking to the class
JC McKenna Middle School Life Skills - Special Education Roon with students working
JC McKenna Middle School Gymnasium with students playing basketball
JC McKenna Middle School Exterior south side of the building with three students walking on the sidewalk
JC McKenna Middle School Resource Area looking west with students walking in the hallway and sitting at the tables

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