East Troy High School

After assisting the East Troy Community School with passing a $22.5 million referendum in April 2015, work is now complete for the $7 million addition and renovation of East Troy High School.

Three single story additions were constructed on the existing high school. One addition to the West is comprised of a new secure entrance and administration wing. On the Southwest corner of the building, a new band room addition has been added. The third and final addition to the North of the existing building includes new classrooms, STEM and fitness rooms. The existing Technical Ed areas are being renovated for a new STEM/robotics program. Other renovations include alterations to the locker rooms, classroom renovations, music renovations, and a completely renovated lecture hall.  All classrooms and spaces have been designed with the utmost flexibility to support the District’s goals of competency based learning.

Location: East Troy, WI     Sizeof Addition: 20,000 square feet    Size of Renovation: 22,000 square feet    Cost: $7,000,000

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