Deerfield Middle/High School

The "like-new" school will provide 21st-century learning environments and a new cafeteria, music, and auto areas

Need: Address aging building infrastructure as well as undersized classrooms and support areas

Solution: Multiple additions and extensive renovations to support student-centered learning environments for grades 6-12

Cafeteria renderings

Fact Sheet

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Deerfield, WI


70,000 sq ft (addition); 38,300 sq ft (renovation)

Construction Cost

$44,500,000 (budget)

Client Type

Transforming the current facility

Following a successful referendum, the Middle/High School will undergo extensive additions and renovations to address capacity challenges, upgrade aging facility, and support 21st-century learning. Both the interior and exterior will be modernized, transforming the school into a contemporary learning environment. Key upgrades include a new cafeteria/servery, music classrooms, an autos and maintenance lab, and an academic wing with numerous classrooms to serve grades 6-12.

A notable feature of this project is the careful integration of modern HVAC components with the existing building’s heights, ensuring that learning environments remain undisturbed. This blend of new and old structures will create a unique architectural harmony, honoring the school’s history while paving the way for the future of the district.

Main entry exterior rendering
Tech ed corridor renderings
School store renderings
Tech ed collaboration and gallery area rendering

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