Baird Elementary School

Bray Architects partnered with the Green Bay Area Public School District to build the $21 million new Baird Elementary on the site of the existing school. The building serves students Pre-K through 5th grade, increasing the existing Baird Elementary capacity by over 200 students.

The new two-story building organizes the different age groups into educational pods. Each pod includes four classrooms situated around a shared resource area and small group instruction classroom. Students in grades 3-5 are placed in pods on the second floor while the younger students have classes on the first floor. Fostering mentorship and collaboration, communicating stairs connect the two floors and allow the creation of a buddy program between older and younger students.

The overall design for the new school allows for views throughout the building, adding to collaboration between students. The design also offers views of the park to the east and forest to the west. Students and staff can enjoy views into the cafeteria from small group instruction “nests” that are perched above the first floor. An outdoor classroom also offers views into the school grounds and act as a unique space for learning opportunities.
Construction of the new Baird Elementary was completed in September 2019.

Location: Green Bay, WI     Size: 102,000 square feet     Cost: $21,000,000

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