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July 27, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the well-deserved promotions of our exceptional team members and welcome several recent graduates to our team as well as welcome back a former employee.

This summer, we welcomed seven recent graduates from the following universities: Iowa State University, UW-Madison, and UW-Milwaukee. We also welcomed back Marcel Franz as project specialist. Each brings unique and valuable skills to the team, enhancing our collective abilities and fostering a dynamic environment.

We’re happy to have Devin Palmberg, Fabian Perez, Jeff Kwiecinski, Macyn Patza, Maribell Cruz, Megan Pfohl, and Megan Schulte start their careers at Bray, and see a familiar face in the office again as we welcome back Marcel Franz!

In addition, several of our employees recently received promotions; their dedication, hard work, and outstanding contributions have propelled them to new heights within our company. Join us in congratulating them on their achievements and wishing them continued success in their expanded roles.

Team members promoted to Project Specialist:

Ale Hughes, Britani Tuchscherer, Kate Hamann, Michael Hauser, and Zach Barber

Team members promoted to Senior Project Coordinator:

Caroline Schlosser, Gabby Aijala, and John Everitt

Ale Hughes joined Bray in 2019 at the Milwaukee office and, after relocating, now works in our Davenport, IA office. Throughout the past four years, Ale has helped tremendously with project designs, including Mercer County New Boston and Apollo Elementary Schools, and Burlington High School. She is currently involved in the design of the Cuba City School District project.

Joining Bray in 2020, Britani Tuchscherer has played an instrumental role in redesigning the firm’s facility study process and led two of our largest facility study efforts for West Allis-West Milwaukee School District and Davenport Community School District. With her expertise in facility studies, she mentors new team members – training them on facility study processes – and provides ongoing leadership with predesign work. Currently, Britani is working on the North Fond du Lac School District additions and renovations project.

Caroline Schlosser joined Bray in 2020 at our Milwaukee office. Throughout the past four years, she has created multiple facility documents, providing districts with detailed, sophisticated, and insightful studies on their existing building(s). She has also been instrumental in assisting new team members with predesign work and familiarizing them with the document processes. Caroline led the Sparta Area School District study document and is currently involved in the Pulaski School District and New Glarus Primary School projects.

Gabby Aijala joined Bray in 2019 as a project coordinator working on predesign efforts. Throughout the past four years, Gabby has excelled her skillset in rendering creations, making clients’ visions of the building(s) come to life (virtually). She created all the renderings for the Ladysmith School District project. The renderings Gabby produces are impactful for the client as well as team members.

Recently completing his first year at Bray, John Everitt brings new and innovative efforts to the firm, such as integrating the use of a 3D scanner to efficiently conduct field verifications and training team members on how to use the new equipment. John also created all the renderings for a client interview, in which Bray was awarded the project shortly after presenting the renderings to the client. His passion for visual design is shown in his detailed, artistic work.

Joining Bray in 2019, Kate Hamann has played a critical role in redesigning the facility study process alongside Britani. Her exceptional leadership and training contributions of new employees on predesign work has been instrumental in their success. Kate is involved in many projects, including Menominee Elementary School and Denmark Elementary School.

After interning with Bray in college, Michael Hauser joined the team full-time and has shown exponential growth in his design skills in his first six months. He created schematic designs for the Rock Island Vertiport and Dixon High School CTE renovation projects, and is currently involved in the design phase for the New Boston Elementary project.

Zach Barber joined Bray in 2019 as a project coordinator and has shown continual growth throughout the years, being promoted to senior project coordinator and now project specialist. Advancing his skillset in design development and programming, Zach continues to be an integral part of the team’s success and bringing clients’ visions to fruition.

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