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Kate Egan + Allison Mastel Earn ALEP Certification

July 22, 2022
Kate Egan and Allison Mastel headshot photos together

In Wisconsin, only eight individuals have earned the Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP) certification. Two of those are among Bray’s own: Allison Mastel and Kate Egan.

A4LE, the accrediting body for ALEP, is a leader in educational design and draws international participation from not only architects, but also educational administrators, contractors, and a variety of professionals who are associated with the development and management of schools. The ALEP credential is a mark of expertise within this collection of industry experts who possess the core skills in assessing and planning learning environments.

Allison and Kate are both lifelong learners who continue to find ways to grow their education within the industry. “This academy helped me gain the knowledge needed to become an expert at facility planning, but I also expanded my network and learned about new resources and references in the industry,” says Kate.

Earning their certification was nothing short of easy, as the advanced academy certificate program was taught within a span of only nine months. But both Allison and Kate agree that the knowledge and skillset learned were well worth the long nights of studying.

While they both have earned many credentials, this one holds a special spot in their careers, as they have a deep passion for helping districts achieve their goals to grow and improve learning environments for students.

“Learning from cross-disciplinary perspectives allows us to learn the discipline in new ways,” says Allison. “I strive to be a committed educational facility planner. It’s our responsibility as professionals to be educated about our industry so we can advocate for our clients.”

With the knowledge and skills they developed through this certification, Allison and Kate will bring new facility planning ideas to Bray and our clients.

“Evaluating current facilities in a school district, identifying program gaps and areas to improve, and assisting them with finding a solution, is what I love doing,” mentions Kate. “It’s a rewarding feeling knowing that I have the expertise to help districts with this process.”

Congratulations to Allison and Kate on this great achievement!

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