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Employee Spotlight Zachary Barber

June 14, 2022
Zachary Barber's employee spotlight graphic

Zachary Barber is a senior project coordinator who is currently working on the combined middle and high school renovation project for Wild Rose School District. He spends much of his day using Autodesk Revit, building the project’s 3D model, drawing details, creating renderings, and coordinating model components between the architectural and interior design teams and the outside engineering consultants. “I see the project through from conceptual design all the way to the finished building,” he says.

Zachary enjoys creating better learning environments. “I’m motivated by the fact that I get to create better buildings that serve entire communities,” he says. “We’re in a great market here at Bray.”

He recently had the opportunity to visit one of his completed projects at Wrightstown Community School District. “I spoke with a school principal there, and she was really excited about the new spaces,” Zachary says. “That’s always rewarding to hear. It’s a nice breath of fresh air, especially after all the hard work that goes into a project.”

Zachary knew that architecture was the path for him since childhood. “My father is a contractor, and as a kid, I would often visit construction sites with him. But more generally, I just love putting things together and understanding how things work,” he says. After high school, Zachary went on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Kent State University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Outside of the office, Zachary enjoys spending time with his fiancée, Danielle, and their dog, Lua. He also enjoys home improvement projects. When he’s not swinging a hammer, Zachary is busy exploring Milwaukee. “I grew up in Ohio, landlocked in a suburb surrounded by interstates and cornfields,” he says. “So, I love Milwaukee and especially appreciate living close to the lake.”

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