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Employee Spotlight Tim Kollar

March 15, 2022
Tim Kollar employee spotlight

Tim Kollar is a senior project specialist who is currently working on the Kohler School District renovations, new sports facility, and public/school library addition.

His day-to-day responsibilities include preparing construction documents, attending client meetings, and coordinating engineer consultants.

When asked what he enjoys most about his role at Bray, the answer is easy: working on schools. Tim’s interest in school design evolved out of his experience as a child attending Crow Island School in Winnetka, Illinois – a landmark building completed in 1940 that redefined how future schools would look and function.

Designed by father and son architects Eilel and Eero Saarinen in partnership with the firm Perkins and Will, Crow Island is characterized by its International Style design features. These include a low asymmetrical profile, flat roof, broad windows, and modern construction materials. The design is a departure from the multi-storied Classical Revival schools of the 1920s.

Tim’s early interest in architecture led him to take drafting classes in high school. He loved the subject, so he went on to study architecture in college, earning a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from Southern Illinois University.

“Throughout college, it seemed like one door would open and another one would be right behind it,” Tim says. “There was always something to learn. Architecture is a very interesting field in that way.”

Tim continues to learn every day. He especially enjoys figuring out the interior details of his projects. “I like pushing things along and getting to that point when you can look back at the project, once it’s all done, and say, ‘I helped build this,’” Tim says.

It’s easy for Tim to stay busy outside of the office. He’s an avid sailor and regularly competes in regattas during the warmer months. Tim also enjoys woodworking, a skill that will be useful as he starts improvement projects on his new house.

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