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Employee Spotlight Taylor Urchell

October 13, 2022
Taylor Urchell's employee spotlight graphic

Taylor Urchell is Bray’s marketing coordinator. She leads our social media content, organizes our attendance at conferences and trade shows, coordinates project photography, and helps welcome new hires to the company.

If you follow us on social media (and we hope you do!), you’ll already be familiar with Taylor’s talent for capturing and posting all the exciting things that are happening at Bray. “I like social media and the fact that it’s constantly evolving,” she says. “There’s never a dull moment – there’s always something new to share with our audiences.”

Another part of the job that Taylor enjoys is coordinating photography of our completed projects. “I like project photography because I get to meet with the architectural teams to learn more about the building and plan the photo shoot,” she says. “I then accompany the photographer to the school and experience it in person. I especially love talking with students, teachers, and administrators to hear firsthand about their experience with the building.”

Taylor knew she wanted to work in marketing and communications since college. “I was initially on track to pursue a career in public relations because it’s people-focused,” she says. Taylor also took marketing classes while in school and discovered that she enjoyed that path. “There are more opportunities in marketing to work with visuals, which helps balance the writing I do in my job.”

She made the official transition to marketing when she joined us last year. “I held a role in communications right after college, which I enjoyed, and gained a lot of great experience. I then moved to the marketing coordinator role at Bray, and it’s been a great fit,” she says. Taylor credits her team for creating a successful work environment. “I enjoy learning from and collaborating with my team members, each of whom brings their unique skills and talents to the group.”

When she’s not working, Taylor likes exploring the many fantastic cafes and restaurants in Milwaukee and going for runs and walks near the lakefront. She also enjoys traveling and is currently planning her next trip to Europe.

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