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Employee Spotlight Stacy Mleziva

May 10, 2022
Stacy Mleziva employee spotlight

Stacy Mleziva is a senior project specialist. She appreciates that every day is different. She works with teams of varying sizes on everything from schematic design to construction administration. She also works closely with Bray’s clients and consulting engineers, at times coordinating with 30 or more people.

One of the things Stacy likes most about Bray is the camaraderie among team members. “I feel like it’s a really collaborative work environment here, from design and all the way through a project,” she says. “Everyone is flexible, and they’re eager to help out wherever they’re needed.”

Stacy’s connection to buildings goes back to childhood. “My father and grandfather both worked in construction,” she says. “It’s kind of in the blood, I would say.” Later, during her junior year of high school, taking the student advisor’s survey for future career paths revealed becoming an art or gym teacher, engineer, or architect would be the best fits.

With the encouragement of a teacher, Stacy took classes that would prepare her for further study in architecture. “I really owe it to that teacher,” she says. Stacy went on to complete an undergraduate and a master’s degree in architecture from UW-Milwaukee.

Before coming to Bray, Stacy worked primarily with health and wellness buildings, including some higher education academic medical centers. She found that she wanted to explore working in the education market further. “I really believe in what architects do for society, especially in the health and education sectors,” Stacy says. “What we do has a ripple effect that is far-reaching.”

Stacy has many fond memories of the clients she’s worked with over the past five years. One of her favorites is of a school district administrator who would sing a song when meeting people for the first time to help him remember their names. “It was a fun way to brighten someone’s day,” Stacy remembers. “It’s just one instance of the great clients and great personalities we get to work with here at Bray.

When she’s not working, Stacy takes every opportunity to relax and recharge. She especially enjoys spending time with loved ones, whether it’s attending Broadway shows with a group of friends or hanging out at her family’s lake cottage in northern Wisconsin.

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