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Employee Spotlight Oscar Avila

April 19, 2023
Oscar Avila employee spotlight graphic

Oscar Avila is a senior project specialist at Bray and works on all the phases of an architectural project development process with focus on the technical details – implementing codes into floor plans while also coordinating with engineering firms and other contractors.

While projects are in the construction phase, Oscar enjoys being on site seeing the facility being built. “I find it really neat to watch the process of facilities being built, especially connecting what I see in person to the project documents I see on a screen every day,” Oscar says.

Being born and raised in Mexico, he’s enjoyed comparing the schools in the Midwest region to those in Mexico. “They’re very different due to weather; in Mexico they all have an open concept with all areas opening to a center courtyard in which students are outside a lot, and here, you need to be inside most months so the interior needs to accommodate for that,” he says. “In Mexico, there’s no gymnasiums, gym class is outside in the courtyard.”

Oscar always had an interest in building things growing up, but when it came time to choose a career, he chose Law. After attending Law school for a bit, he knew it wasn’t for him and the built environment was where his passion lies. He moved to the U.S. and started his architecture career which has been a rewarding experience. “Architecture is about processes, and I love learning new processes and making them more efficient – there’s always new things to learn in this field,” he mentioned.

Oscar’s passion for building things and discovering processes continues outside of work as he reconstructs and transforms old motorcycles – and recently donated one to the Feeding America charity. He enjoys riding his many bikes, especially when his daughter joins him for a long ride. When there’s a pause from his motorcycle reconstruction projects, Oscar appreciates spending time with his sons at the archery range.

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