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Employee Spotlight Nathan Bassett

November 11, 2021
Nathan Bassett employee spotlight

Nathan Bassett is the building information modeling (BIM) manager, who ensures that Bray’s BIM software is running smoothly so that all the architects, project specialists, and project coordinators can do their work. This role requires Nathan to be tuned into the high-level operation of the firm and the details of each team member’s workstation.

In addition to making sure the core software is running and secure, he manages plugins and other peripheral applications, troubleshoots software issues, and generally looks to improve the productivity of the team across all four of Bray’s offices.

Sometimes a job chooses the person, rather than the other way around. This was the case for Nathan’s circuitous journey to BIM manager. “When I got done with engineering school, there were no jobs in my field, so I went out to North Dakota and drilled oil,” he said. Although he did not know much about BIM at the time, he thought it was something that would be valuable for the energy company, so he helped bring it to the oil field.

After that job finished, he started working in architecture and continued to build his BIM skillset, ultimately earning a job as the first BIM manager at his previous company.

Nathan loves the role he has built for himself. “When you do a good job at anything, and people respond to that, that’s the aha moment for me. When I can solve their problems, and they are happy with what I’m doing for them, that’s a good feeling. It keeps me excited about what I do each day.”

Outside of the office, Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife and young son. He is also an inventor. One of his larger projects was a prototype for augmented reality glasses to use while fishing that he built from 3D-printed parts.

With or without glasses, though, he loves to fish. His last trip yielded a big muskie; his first, but certainly not his last.

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