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Employee Spotlight Nate Considine

January 25, 2022
Nate Considine employee spotlight

Nate Considine is an architect and delivery team leader for the Winnebago Delivery Team. Every day looks a little different for Nate, which is one of the reasons he enjoys his job.

His role includes coordinating engineer consultants, preparing construction budgets, and working through design challenges with the project team. He is also in frequent contact with clients throughout the project’s life cycle, from representing Bray at interviews for new work to walking through the completed building with the project owners.

Nate had an inkling that he’d be an architect starting in middle school. At that point, he knew he liked working with his hands, and enjoyed drawing and building models. In high school, he credits a few influential teachers who encouraged him to practice his skills in drawing and construction and merge them with study in architecture.

“I was fortunate that I knew the path I wanted to pursue once I graduated from high school,” he says. He went on to study architecture at UW-Milwaukee, and since graduating has enjoyed working for Milwaukee-based architecture firms.

One of Nate’s favorite parts of his job is the opportunity to interact directly with clients. “I am a people person, so I really enjoy the contact I get to have with project owners,” he says. He recognizes that some clients participate in a building project only once or twice in their careers, so working with these clients can be especially gratifying.

“When I get to walk through a construction site with the owners, and I see the excitement in their faces and hear the ‘oohhs’ and ‘aahhs’ – that’s such a cool moment for me.”

There are several things that inspire Nate to do great work. Family is at the top of that list – he has a wife and two young children. Providing for the family, spending time with them, and seeing them grow motivates Nate every day. He also recognizes the importance of great co-workers.

“For me, what breeds success is: one, do well for your family; two, do well for your clients; and three, enjoy who you’re working with and what you’re getting to do,” he says.

Outside of the office, Nate enjoys being with his family, including their Siberian Husky, who often joins them in outdoor activities like hiking and boating. When the weather turns cold, though, you’ll find Nate indoors. He recently took on a perfect winter project: a home-remodel for which he’s doing most of the work himself.

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