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Employee Spotlight Michael Risselada

January 14, 2022
Michael Risselada employee spotlight

Michael Risselada is an architect specializing in construction administration and is responsible for reviewing projects as they are built to make sure the quality meets Bray’s standards

His day-to-day tasks require Michael to be the liaison between the contractors and architectural design team. This includes shop drawing review, field observation, and working with the contractor to resolve any design or construction issues that come up in the field.

As a kid, Michael was constantly drawing. He was also very interested in thinking about workflows and organizing spaces. He worked on farms growing up in Michigan, and as he milked the cows, he would brainstorm ideas about how the milking parlor and farm could be better organized.

These interests and experiences eventually led him to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture.

Michael enjoys construction administration because every day requires him to identify problems and find solutions. He likes thinking about all the components of putting a building together, from the inner harmony of the building systems to the beauty of the exterior cladding system.

Before he came to Bray, Michael worked on various project types, including high-rise construction, healthcare facilities, and higher education. Education projects are among Michael’s favorite project type.

“Schools are like little cities, in terms of the diversity of construction materials and methods,” he says. “One school alone may use precast concrete, site-cast concrete, masonry, steel framed construction, and multiple glazed wall systems. That makes working on these projects really exciting.”

Outside of the office and the construction site, Michael stays busy with his wife raising their three kids and the latest addition to his family, a large Golden Doodle.

Congratulations on your Bray anniversary, Michael! Thank you for your ongoing commitment to design excellence!

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