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Employee Spotlight Megan Pfohl

June 17, 2024
Megan Pfohl spotlight graphic

Megan Pfohl is an interior design coordinator and is an essential link between our interior design team and our reps. Communicating with our reps day in and day out, Megan also schedules lunch and learns, and orders materials for the team to ensure the material library is updated. Additionally, she works in Revit doing redline work on project plans and furniture selection.

Megan attended Iowa State University with multiple interests in graphic, fashion, and interior design. “While at school, a professor mentioned that my design strategies aligned very well with interior design and thought it would be a great fit for me. From then on, I’ve pursued interior design and haven’t looked back,” mentioned Megan.

While Megan enjoys all aspects of her job, one of her favorites is building connections with reps in the industry, especially furniture-related ones. “If you have a beautiful building, but ugly furniture, what’s the point?” she says. “Furniture has a big impact on spaces, and I love getting to know the reps and learning how we can use their products in our projects.”

Throughout the past year, Megan has experienced many wonderful memories with one standing out, a recent work trip to Shaw Contract’s flooring mill. The eye-opening journey gave her a different perspective on the process of products being made. “It wasn’t just seeing the process of the products, but also speaking to the employees and seeing their passion in the work they do that made the whole experience an unforgettable one,” says Megan. In addition, Shaw Contract is the only flooring product in the country that is carbon neutral.

As an Iowa native, moving to Milwaukee has brought about many adventures for her and her fiancé. Outside of work, they enjoy exploring the city, finding new restaurants, longboarding on trails, and spending time with their dog, Lucy. And, on top of all that, they’ve been busy planning their wedding for the Fall!

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