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Employee Spotlight Mark Miller

November 30, 2021
Mark Miller employee spotlight

Mark Miller is a project architect with Bray’s special projects team. He is currently working on the Beyond Vision interior buildout project in West Allis, a new Plumbers Union 75 Training Center in Madison, a new district warehouse for Sheboygan Area School District, and renovations of United Township High School in East Moline, IL.

Architecture practice was a part of Mark’s life since childhood. His father was an architect, so he grew up with a familiarity of the discipline.

Despite this, and the fact that he loved to draw as a child, Mark planned to become an ophthalmologist after high school. Medical school did not seem like the right fit for him, though, so he ultimately decided to pursue a career in architecture, and he’s glad he did.

When asked about what he enjoys most about his role, Mark replied, “The fun thing is you can straddle the blank sheet of paper and the blank piece of ground, think about what could go there, collaborate with the stakeholders, get their feedback, and massage the details until it’s constructed, at which point you can walk through it! I love being able to start something from nothing and have people enjoy and be a part of result.”

Experiencing the result with the client is another reason Mark loves what he does. The building’s dedication ceremony is an excellent opportunity to get firsthand impressions of the completed design from the client and future building users.

“I appreciate when they come to me and say, ‘Wow, I love this! It turned out better than I thought it would!’” he said. “It’s hearing that ‘better than I thought it would’ phrase that reminds me how fun and great it is being an architect.”

When Mark is not working, he might be taking on another renovation project on his house or planning a trip. Two of his favorite traveling destinations are New Orleans and Rome, both of which he hopes to return to soon. Back at home, he enjoys playing clarinet with the Bettendorf Park Band, which he has been doing for nearly 20 years. If you’re in the area, be sure to catch one of their monthly concerts during the summer!

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