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Employee Spotlight Maribell Cruz

June 17, 2024
Graphic for Maribell's one year employee spotlight

Maribell Cruz is a project coordinator with a variety of responsibilities, including field verifications, mapping existing plans on Revit, and applying finishes to renderings. She recently finished renderings for North Hudson Elementary and E.P. Rock Elementary.

Growing up in Milwaukee, WI, Maribell was always amazed at the downtown buildings and seeing new structures rise every year. Having an interest in architecture, she studied it at University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee. “After working at Bray for a year now, I’m inspired by my coworkers who have achieved their goals of passing the ARE exams and hope to accomplish the same in the near future,” says Maribell.

Maribell enjoys attending client meetings, especially sharing the renderings she created and seeing their reactions. “I’ve learned a lot by attending client meetings, including what information to present, receiving feedback, and insight into the overall impact we have on the site,” mentions Maribell.

Outside of work, Maribell is studying for the ARE exams. When she’s not studying, you can find her exploring new restaurants around the city.

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