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Employee Spotlight Maria Welch

November 29, 2021
Maria Welch employee spotlight

Maria Welch is an architect who helps project delivery teams develop a design concept for K-12 educational projects and ensures that the concept is integrated at all points throughout the design process. She enjoys the work of transforming abstract architectural concepts into a tangible design vision that the client will take ownership of as they move into their building.

The best moments for Maria are when clients can explain the design concept as well as, or better than, the architects. This means the design resonates with them, and they know it belongs to them moving forward.

Maria wanted to work in architecture for as long as she could remember. She can’t recall a specific decision point that led her down this career path, but there are plenty of moments that inspire her to keep going.

Maria recounted one moment in particular: “We were meeting with some teachers to discuss the design of a recently completed elementary school, and one the teachers started crying. We thought, ‘Oh no, what’s wrong?’ The teacher replied, ‘No, I’m just so happy!’ It was a powerful moment, because it signaled that we are actually making a difference with what we do as designers.”

Staying busy is not a problem for Maria, including when she is not in the office. She runs an Etsy shop where she offers jewelry and hand-painted accessories (check it out here). Maria is also studying for the Architect Registration Examination.

If she’s not doing any of that, you’ll probably find her outside hiking with her husband and beloved Blue Heeler.

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