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Employee Spotlight John Everitt

June 29, 2023
John Everitt in his one year work anniversary picture

John Everitt is a project coordinator and is currently working on the North Fond du Lac (NFDL) School District project. John works on the predesign phase for many projects and recently expanded his workload on the NFDL project to include construction documents and design work.

The architecture field was a decision he made in high school and followed through with in college. “I spent a lot of time on 3D programs in my later school years and thought those skills could transfer to an architecture career; I’m proud to say they definitely did,” John said. “With my fascination in visual arts, and architecture being the ‘mother of all arts’, I found a career I’m passionate about.”

The past year has been full of memorable experiences in John’s career, with one in particular standing out. “I was asked to create renderings for an interview our firm was doing, with the turnaround time being only a few days. I created detailed renderings within the timeframe (for us to include in the presentation to the client), and a couple days later we heard that we were the firm chosen for the project. It was a rewarding experience knowing that the work I did directly helped Bray win the project,” John said.

Outside of work, John likes to stay busy with creating animations and learning new programs on the computer. Also, two of his coworkers and himself are a part of the AIA Milwaukee 2023 Emerging Professionals Design Competition where they’ll be submitting a multi-use building design to the City of Milwaukee this summer. “It’s been a fun experience working with them and designing something for the city I live in – whether it wins or not,” John mentioned.

Check out John’s website to explore his animations and film, including The Milwaukee River Line project he created for his master’s graduate thesis and recently presented it to the Historic Third Ward Architectural Review Board and spoke about it on TMJ4 News:

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