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Employee Spotlight Joe Lopera

February 16, 2024
Joe Lopera employee spotlight graphic

Joe Lopera, a construction administration representative, handles various responsibilities, including reviewing submittals, conducting field observations, and managing punch lists.

Initially pursuing engineering in college, Joe shifted to architecture as emerging technologies like CAD (computer-aided technology) were discovered. “I fell in love with technology and the vast opportunities that came with architecture,” he shares.

Joe enjoys taking his skills to the project sites as he’s left his footprint on many projects throughout the Midwest this past year. On-site, his focus is on ensuring contractors and subcontractors feel confident with a representative from the architectural team handling their inquiries. Challenges serve as inspiration for Joe, who tackles problems head-on to ensure resolution.

With extensive industry experience, Joe enjoys sharing his knowledge, particularly with emerging architectural designers. Engaging in Bray’s mentorship program, he shares his own experiences and insights with others. Joe mentions, “I appreciate showing the younger generations how to write comprehensive field verifications, review shop drawing submittals, and observe project sites. These individuals are the future, so I want to make sure I’m setting them up for success,” Joe notes.

When Joe’s not on a field site (or in the office), you can find him at another field – the soccer field, refereeing both high school and youth soccer games. In between game days and seasons, Joe enjoys golfing, bowling, and spending time with his daughters.

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