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Employee Spotlight Jake Wojak

August 16, 2022
Jake Wojak - employee spotlight photo

Jake Wojak is a construction administration representative. He is the link between the design team and contractors to make sure that our buildings are constructed according to the plans and specifications. His day-to-day tasks include reviewing shop drawings, field observation, and working with the contractor to resolve any design or construction issues that come up on the building site.

Although most of his construction sites are now located in the Midwest, Jake’s career has taken him all over the world. “Prior to Bray, I spent 17 years with John Deere Worldwide Facilities Engineering. I’ve worked on buildings in Brazil, Russia, China, India, Mexico, and Canada, as well as cities throughout the United States.”

There were a couple of early influences in Jake’s life that led him to a career in architecture and construction. “I knew that the building industry was for me from a very young age,” he says. “I used to play with building blocks all the time as a kid – it’s just what I did. So, my path to architecture naturally evolved.”

He also grew up watching his grandfather and father build things. “My grandfather was a cabinetmaker for the Pullman Company,” he says. “Growing up, my parents would buy an unfinished home and my grandfather would help my dad with the woodwork and trim. I grew up watching and learning from them.”

Jake still enjoys woodworking in his spare time. “I like making just about anything,” he says. “I’ve built everything from bookcases to cabinets.”

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