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Employee Spotlight Fabian Perez

May 9, 2024
Fabian Perez spotlight photo

As an interior design coordinator, Fabian Perez works on construction documents, correcting redlines on floorplans, and has recently been involved in material selection for projects.

Fabian started his college career studying civil engineering before transitioning to interior architecture at UW-Madison. With his uncle being an architect, he grew up learning about the career, but it wasn’t until he started studying civil engineering that he wanted to switch paths and pursue a design/architectural career.

Throughout his interior architecture studies, he found his passion in interior design. This past year, he has enjoyed focusing on K-12 facilities where he’s a part of making a difference in communities. “Creating inclusive and comfortable spaces for students who are interacting with these areas multiple times a day is a rewarding experience. The completed educational facilities that I’ve toured this past year are inspiring to see what I can achieve as I continue to evolve in my design career,” Fabian says.

One of Fabian’s favorite memories this past year is visiting Shaw Contractors’ flooring mill (one of Bray’s flooring vendors), where he gained valuable insights into production processes and sustainable initiatives. “It was an eye-opening experience seeing how it’s made before being installed in our projects. I hope to experience more of these product tours, because there’s no better learning tool than seeing it made in action,” he says.

Along with the design aspect of his job, he also enjoys making connections with reps and vendors to expand his network of like-minded professionals. “There are always opportunities to meet professionals within the industry, whether it’s through lunch and learns, evening events, or tradeshows,” he mentioned.

Outside of work, Fabian enjoys working out and helping his dad run a food truck during the summer weekends in Madison, WI.

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