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Employee Spotlight Chris Eger

April 27, 2022
Chris Eger employee spotlight

Chris Eger is an architect, project leader, and associate at Bray. His biggest role — and the one he enjoys the most — is leading his team.

“I love helping the younger employees learn and grow in their positions,” he says. “I’ve been practicing architecture for over 20 years, and I’ve benefitted from mentors who’ve helped me along the way. I strive to pay that forward.”

Teams are an important factor in the success of any project, and it’s not just the Bray team. Great buildings stem from the client’s participation in the design process. “We can’t design buildings without our clients,” says Chris. “I don’t think any design should come from one person. That’s not how we approach our work at Bray because you can’t learn that way.”

One of Chris’s most memorable career moments came while working with the East Troy Community School District, his first project at Bray. The facilities manager there thanked him for being an architect who listened. “It helped me realize what’s important to our clients,” says Chris. “By the time we start working with a client, they’ve been thinking about their project for years. It’s their vision.”

Chris is passionate about sustainable buildings, and it’s more than just renewable energy (although that’s important, too). “For me, it’s crucial to build something that will stand for 100 years,” he says. “That’s something we get to do with schools – design for longevity.”

He also recognizes that architects have been at the forefront of educating the construction industry about sustainable building practices, and Chris plans to do his part to continue that. “I think architects have a responsibility to create a better world through buildings,” he says.

When he’s not working, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He’s also a sports fanatic. Whether it’s watching, participating, or coaching his kids’ teams, Chris enjoys baseball, softball, soccer, skiing, and more. When he needs a break from the field, you’ll find him designing his next woodworking project.

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