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Employee Spotlight Britani Tuchscherer

June 16, 2022
Britani Tuchscherer's employee spotlight graphic

Britani Tuchscherer is a senior project coordinator on Bray’s pre-design team. In her role, Britani helps implement facility studies, which are an overall assessment of a school district’s buildings. She also works on conceptual designs to help them visualize what could be possible in their buildings. These are important first steps for the district and design teams as they plan for future renovation and new construction projects.

Britani enjoys many aspects of her position but especially likes interacting with great people. “I work with some amazing individuals on my team, and I also really love getting to meet and work with a lot of different school districts,” she says. That interaction extends to the students. “It’s always fun when we’re visiting a school, especially when we go to elementary schools because the students are always interested in what we’re doing. It’s fun to engage with them!”

Britani remembers the moment when she decided to pursue architecture as a career. “I was a math major in college, and as I was studying for my final exams during my junior year, I decided that I wanted to expand my career options,” she says. Shortly after, she added an art minor and applied to graduate school in architecture. “It was the perfect blend of creative and analytical thinking – and it still is today!”

While she was in graduate school, Britani’s background in math merged with her new path in architecture, and the experience still motivates her today. “I was a lead instructor at a math learning center, and I noticed that a lot of the students who struggled in their regular classrooms at school did really well at the learning center,” she says. “I think that difference had a lot to do with their physical environments. That experience still inspires me as I help create better learning environments for students.”

Outside of the office, Britani likes to work on house projects, cook, and try out new restaurants and breweries in Milwaukee. She also enjoys playing the piano and going to and singing karaoke.

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