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Employee Spotlight Austin Schroeder

June 30, 2022
Austin Schroeder - employee spotlight

Austin Schroeder is a senior project coordinator at Bray and is currently working on New Glarus School District‘s new Primary School. He’s assisting with creating the renderings, developing the design as well as the construction documents.

Throughout his time at Bray, he’s been an integral part of the team in creating renderings for projects. “I enjoy creating renderings and drawings, I know the software program well and can use my creativity in the renderings,” he notes. Austin also does preliminary work for projects, including site verifications and facility studies.

His interest in architecture started when he was a little kid, “I grew up in the country, so my dad and I would build deer stands and sheds in the fields,” he says. “The big ‘ah-ha’ moment when I knew I wanted to be an architect was when I got to be a part of designing my later childhood home. I remember sitting in the meetings with my parents and the architect, drawing what I wanted my room to look like. The whole process was exciting to me!”

Austin’s passion for design growing up led him to pursue his bachelor’s degree in architecture at UW-Milwaukee. “I studied urban planning in school, learning how to best utilize space, whether it’s urban or rural areas, and optimizing it for the users,” he mentioned. “That’s a crucial element to learn, as it applies to all spaces and environments.”

One of Austin’s favorite parts of a project is seeing the final spaces. “There’s nothing more rewarding than going to the completed site and seeing the renderings I created become a reality,” he says. He recently got to see the completed Gale-Ettrick Trempealeau auditorium which was his first project at Bray. “When we went to go take final pictures of the space, there was an elementary class practicing their Christmas play on stage. Seeing those little kids enjoying the new space that I helped design was awesome! It took me back to the days when I was a little kid practicing for a school concert.”

When Austin isn’t working on architecture, he’s most likely either camping, hunting, or curling – he hopes to get more Bray members to join in curling soon!

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