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Employee Spotlight Angelo Menghe

April 15, 2022
Angelo Menghe employee spotlight

Angelo Menghe is a senior marketing designer. He supports the firm’s graphic design needs, including branding initiatives and the development of marketing collateral.

In the months leading up to referendums, he helps Bray’s school district clients develop marketing materials for their communities. He also assists the architectural teams with layouts of drawings, standard forms, and study documents.

Angelo’s love of art and science in school led him to pursue illustration and graphic design as a career. “I did a lot of drawing and painting by hand in high school. Later, I became interested in learning new computer programs and using those to create graphics,” he says. “I’ve always enjoyed creating messages without words.”

When he joined Bray in 2019, Angelo immediately responded to the synergy of working with other creative people.  “I enjoy collaborating with the Bray team to help our clients reach the full potential of their projects,” he says. “I like being in that supporting role.”

Angelo works closely with his colleague Mindy, who’s also a senior marketing designer. He says that some of his most memorable office moments emerge from the opportunities that he and Mindy work together as a team. “That’s when our best work comes out when we can utilize both of our strengths to elevate a project,” he says.

His collaborations aren’t limited to the office. Angelo is currently working with a few friends to produce a video game, for which he is designing the characters and creating the overall visual appearance. He will also be taking a 3D rendering course to build his skills in digital animation.

When he’s not working at Bray or on the video game, Angelo enjoys cooking and trying new recipes. He’s also started to bake bread again after a hiatus. All of that is his way of recharging. “When I’m at home pursuing my own interests and hobbies, it fuels me to put some of that into the work I do here at Bray, as well.”

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