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2020 INTERSECT Scholarship Awarded to Kalle Kutschera

April 30, 2020
2020 INTERSECT Scholarship Graphic

Bray has awarded its 2020 INTERSECT Scholarship to Kalle Kutschera. Kalle is finishing up his first year as a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) Master’s Student in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, with an expected graduation date of May 2021.

After completing his undergraduate degree in engineering, Kalle was drawn to pursue his master’s degree in architecture to explore and push his sense of creativity. His studio work and research, including the transformation of a Big Box store into a community library and research related to gender-neutral bathrooms, demonstrate his interest and talent in educational planning and in creating inclusive, inspirational learning environments.

Congratulations, Kalle on the 2020 INTERSECT Scholarship!

This marks the second year of Bray’s INTERSECT Scholarship Program through UWM. The program is open to graduate students pursuing a master’s degree in architecture and provides a monetary award to support students in their educational pursuits.

As a component of the scholarship, the student is offered to participate in a 10-week research internship in which they explore the intersection of architecture and educational environments that enhance teaching and learning.

We are very proud to continue our partnership with and commitment to UWM­—the alma mater of many Bray employees—and we look forward to supporting students for years to come.

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